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up Parent Directory 20-Jul-2021 08:52 - unknown Backlog Exam Notice July 2020.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 576k unknown DATESHEET MST EXAMINATION SPRING 2020.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 28k unknown End semester evaluation form for Mphil & PhD.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 140k unknown Extension of date for Backlog (BE) exam application.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 428k unknown FAB-Backlog & GI Results Spring 2019.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 216k unknown Final Defense of PhD Chemistry Thesis.pdf 05-Jan-2021 07:12 144k unknown Final Defense of PhD Physics Thesis.pdf 05-Jan-2021 07:12 140k unknown IIU Examination remuneration bill.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 112k [IMG] MPhil notification.jpg 04-Sep-2020 13:51 144k unknown MPhil-&-PhD-THESIS-FORMAT.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 600k unknown MST-Datesheet-Spring-2019.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 108k unknown PhD notification 008.pdf 20-Jul-2021 08:52 528k unknown Registration for BE & FAB examination.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 76k unknown Result-FST-Spring-2019.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 2384k unknown Revised Academic Calendar.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 136k unknown TA - DA Bill Format.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 260k unknown backlog-datesheet-fall-18.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 320k unknown backlog-result-fall-18-19.pdf 04-Sep-2020 13:51 372k unknown degree.pdf 21-Apr-2021 11:01 172k unknown mgt.pdf 21-Apr-2021 09:43 352k unknown phy.pdf 21-Apr-2021 09:43 544k

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